Clinical Research

PharmaConex is now recruiting within the EMEA Clinical Research Market.

If you are looking for a Clinical Research job or your organisation needs to recruit a Clinical Research Associate or Clinical Trials Assistant, Pharmaconex can assist with the following skill sets:

  • We source our candidates not just from Ireland but also from the EMEA arena.
  • We understand the importance of uncompromising confidentiality.
  • We recognise that our success will ultimately add to the continued success of your growth.
  • We offer extensive candidate services including career guidance based on trust, confidentiality and industry experience.
  • We have a strong experience in outsourcing.
  • We recognise the diversity range of opportunities within the Clinical Research field from entry level to Clinical Director. We also understand that each role requires both a  a unique set of skills and good understanding of specific therapeutic areas.


Our goal is simple: To source, select and deliver the best Clinical Research professionals from both Ireland and the EMEA arena.

For a confidential discussion regarding our services, contact: Paolo Iacovelli at or call on +353 870547564.


We will make the commitment of taking the time to understand what you want and to assist you in continuing to achieve your career goals. We offer professional individual career guidance based on trust, confidentiality and industry experience.

If you wish to discuss your career in more detail, contact me in the strictest confidence. Mail me at or call me on +353 870547564.