13 Feb What’s the difference? Permanent versus Locum work

There are many factors to consider when choosing, or indeed changing your career path. Your previous experience and circumstances play a huge part in the direction you choose. As an agency and specialist in the field of Pharmacy Recruitment we help many candidates choose the best type of role to suit their lifestyle and other commitments.

Not sure whether to work as a Locum or take up a Permanent position? We are here to help. Below we have outlined some of the benefits of each.

Permanent Pharmacist & Support Staff Benefits

  • Longevity & security, candidates feel more secure and stable. You do not have to worry about adequate work coming your way. Salary is regular and defined so you can plan your finances.
  • Planning – Candidates know their hours and can plan their week and other commitments accordingly.
  • Career progression, working for a company creates increased opportunity for ‘career progression’. Large companies can offer the chance to move to a higher position, with more responsibility, work experience, increased salary and additional benefits. As a support staff member, you may have the opportunity to develop into NVQ2, NVQ3, ACT or branch manager.
  • Potential to impact on the growth of a company and a chance to make a real difference, on top of gaining career progression you can have a direct impact on the success of a company. Many Clients we work with have multiple stores. You may get the opportunity to move from a Pharmacist role to a Pharmacy Manager role in a brand-new location or new store, this not only helps you but helps the company to meet targets, expectations and to grow and take on more staff. As a permanent member of staff you will notice ways in which you can improve the pharmacy, to make yours and your colleagues daily tasks easier, and make the Pharmacy more profitable and successful through Customer satisfaction. This input will equate to increased job satisfaction.
  • Learning and up-skilling opportunities; Companies often support their permanent team members to up-skill and develop. As a community-based Pharmacist you might want to gain more experience by looking at ‘Independent Prescribing’ courses or ‘Clinical Diplomas’. This not only benefits you as an individual in your career progression but also benefits the company as they develop a more empowered workforce. As a Support Staff member, you will have the opportunity to attend training days such as healthy living which will help you to increase your skill set.
  • Build friendships, working alongside the same people each day allows you to form lasting friendships and support networks within the industry. This can also help you with future references or recommendations for roles.

Locum Benefits

  • Good competitive rates – Rates are often higher when compared to working in a permanent role.
  • Flexible shifts with varied hours available – You get the freedom to plan your schedule. This allows flexibility when planning your personal life such as child care, holidays or other career pursuits.
  • Benefits, mileage re-imbursements and temporary re-location packages are available for block bookings (all expenses are paid by the Company).
  • Additional Work, Locumming is ideal for anyone looking for extra hours or regular Locum shifts; we recruit both Ad-hoc and long-term assignments with a variety of hours and days.
  • No day is the same, you can broaden your experience when working in a variety of locations and with different teams. Gain experience in large multiple Pharmacies, Independents and Online Pharmacies – never a dull day!

All roles have their benefits and it is important to access your lifestyle and needs to pick the right type for you. You can also try one route and change if you find it doesn’t suit. As a recruitment agency, focussed solely on the Pharmacy Sector, we can help you find the perfect fit for you. We’ll also be here for you if in the future you decide a change is needed.

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